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Best pain management specialist in Houston

Dr. Seifert provides her patients with advanced techniques for relief from arthritis pain. She has dedicated her professional career to helping people living with chronic pain achieve results without medication. The first step in treating chronic arthritis pain is an accurate diagnosis.

Types of arthritis pain

Arthritis pain can include aching, stiff joints, and swelling, and can be associated with any of the following conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gout
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

How we treat arthritis pain: A holistic approach

Dr. Seifert offers several next-generation treatments for arthritis pain, including:

  • Steroid injections: Steroid injections can be useful in reducing inflammation for a period of pain relief. These injections can only be delivered about every three to four months. 
  • Regenerative treatments: Your body has the capacity to heal itself, which can slowly diminish with age. With the help of advanced regenerative therapies, including PRP and stem cell treatments, damaged cartilage can repair, along with restored health to tendons, ligaments, or bone. Dr. Seifert uses next-generation PRP, or PDGF (platelet-derived growth factor) to trigger natural healing.
  • Prolotherapy: Prolotherapy can reduce the pain of arthritis with an innovative regenerative approach. An irritant is injected into the joint, triggering an inflammatory response, stimulating new growth and healing in the damaged tissues.
  • Phoenix Thera-Lase: This groundbreaking system triggers natural regeneration, an increase in nerve stimulation and correction, and the production of natural opiates and other naturally-produced compounds to reduce pain and stimulate healing.
  • Infusions: Infusion therapy with ketamine or lidocaine can bring relief from chronic pain.

Groundbreaking treatments for arthritis pain in Houston

Arthritis pain can severely limit your activities and affect your quality of life. Rather than continuing to suffer from chronic pain, discover Houston’s leading pain management specialist, Dr. Heidi Seifert.

  • Dr. Seifert specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pain with aggressive non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques. 
  • She treats people who are suffering from arthritis pain.
  • Dr. Heidi Seifert is an interventional anesthesiologist who has focused her practice on diagnostic and therapeutic spinal injections and the state-of-the-art regenerative techniques and evidence-based medicine that promote healing and regeneration. 
  • We believe in a holistic and multidisciplinary approach and work closely with healthcare partners to achieve superior outcomes. We may refer to physical therapy, acupuncture, pain psychology, or chiropractic treatments for a more comprehensive, whole-body treatment plan for pain.
  • We treat our patients as we would treat members of our own families – with kindness, compassion, and personal care. 
  • Dr. Seifert offers a range of regenerative techniques to stimulate natural healing.

Meet with Dr. Seifert for advanced pain management for arthritis pain – you deserve treatment with the latest advances in medical science. Call now.

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