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The wrist is made up of several small bones that support a tube structure traveling through your wrist, called the “carpal tunnel,” which protects the nerves. This eight-bone structure is held in place by a ligament. When this area is damaged, it can be painful, with swelling and bruising. Dr. Heidi Seifert, a pain management specialist in Houston, offers various injections to restore wrist motion and relieve pain.

Wrist injury injections in Houston

Your bones, tendons, ligaments, and nerves in your wrists and hands are some of the most critical body areas. When injured or damaged, it can significantly reduce your quality of life. Dr. Seifert offers several types of injections to relieve pain and trigger natural healing for any of the following:

Dr. Heidi Seifert performs the following wrist treatments

  • Inferior radio-ulnar joint: Customized injections can relieve pain related to damage at the inferior radio-ulnar joint, the joint between the two bones of the forearm. 
  • Thumb joint: The thumb joint can be a source of pain related to arthritis, most commonly experienced at the base. As the thumb is responsible for 40 percent of your hand motion, relieving pain is vital. 
  • Thumb tendons: Tendonitis of the thumb is a painful condition that can be resolved with our specialized injections.
  • Flexor tendon nodule: A nodule can develop on the surface of the flexor tendon of the wrist, making it difficult to straighten the “trigger finger” and causing a popping or catching sensation. This condition can be treated with steroid injections or regenerative treatments to trigger natural healing.
  • Carpal tunnel: If you suffer from pain or a tingling sensation in your hands, Dr. Seifert offers both traditional injections (corticosteroids) and a regenerative approach. 

Treatments for wrist pain: Advanced pain management and regenerative treatments

Dr. Seifert offers her patients cutting-edge treatments for wrist pain, whether chronic or acute. She will first diagnose the source of the problem and then develop a customized injection treatment plan. The types of injections that can help you achieve a range of motion and freedom from pain include:

These Treatments Include:

  • Nerve block: A nerve block works by halting the pain signals emanating from specifically targeted wrist nerves.
  • Steroid injections: Steroid injections reduce inflammation and pain, allowing your wrist time to heal. 
  • BMAC stem cell injections: BMAC, or “Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate™,” stem cell therapy can reduce wrist joint pain while stimulating natural healing.
  • Prolotherapy: Unresolved wrist pain can be treated with prolotherapy. Prolotherapy injections trigger the body to heal or repair weak or injured areas and reduce pain. The natural collagen production can strengthen weakened wrist ligaments and tendons and make it possible to avoid the use of pain medication – a significant benefit.
  • PRP: PRP is loaded with growth factors that trigger your body’s natural healing capacity. Dr. Seifert offers next-generation PRP injections, or PDGF (platelet-derived growth factor). Growth factors regulate cell growth and division, and injections with PDGF can produce a remarkable level of healing. 
  • Lipogems: Lipogems is a stem cell harvesting system to concentrate stem cells from your own fat for injections to trigger natural rejuvenation and healing at the wrist joint.
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