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If you are suffering from chronic or acute elbow pain, Dr. Heidi Seifert, Houston’s pain management specialist, offers you holistic regenerative treatments to bring you real-world relief. Her approach is to provide her patients non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures that can restore comfort, function, and range of motion.

Diagnosing elbow pain

The source of pain must be accurately diagnosed before a treatment plan is developed. Dr. Seifert takes her responsibility to her patients very seriously and delivers a range of pain treatments that produce results, including groundbreaking regenerative treatments. Testing may include X-rays, MRI scans, or a bursa fluid biopsy, or other specialized tests. Once the source of the pain is identified, it can be treated correctly.

What are the types of elbow pain?

Elbow pain can originate from several parts of the elbow joint structure:

  • Common extensor tendon: This tendon can be ruptured, as is one of the most common sources of acute elbow pain. The rupture may be related to constant use, steroid injections, or a sports-related injury. 
  • Common flexor tendon: This tendon attaches to the lower bone on the upper arm, serving as the attachment point for muscles on the front of your forearm. When injured or inflamed (often called “golfer’s elbow,” it can be excruciating and limit motion.
  • Biceps tendon insertion: A biceps tendon tear can affect your ability to rotate your palms down to up, called “supination.” Dr. Seifert offers non-surgical interventions with evidence-based regenerative treatments.
  • Olecranon bursa: Elbow pain can be the result of bursitis of the elbow, occurring as swelling and pain at the pointed tip. The bursa is a thin sac of fluid that provides cushioning to the elbow, and when damaged, can produce a painful condition requiring treatment.

Treatments for elbow pain in Houston: Your resource for regenerative medicine.

If you are suffering from elbow pain, you deserve to have access to the latest developments in regenerative science. Dr. Seifert has dedicated her medical practice to pain management and offering patients the latest developments in regenerative medicine to help them avoid surgery or more invasive procedures. We provide the following treatments for elbow pain. 

The Treaments Include:

  • Injections: Steroid injections, local anesthetic injections, and viscosupplementation.
  • Prolotherapy: Elbow tendonitis (tennis elbow) can be successfully treated with this advanced approach. The injections can be the most effective way to restore the joint and treat chronic elbow pain. This procedure involves injecting the prolotherapy solution, often in combination with next-generation PRP, or PDGF (platelet-derived growth factor) to trigger natural healing.
  • Phoenix Thera-Lase: A “cold” laser therapy that triggers regeneration of nerve, skin, and muscle tissue, improves vascularization (blood vessel growth) in damaged tissues, causes your body to produce natural opiates for pain relief, and stimulates cellular growth.
  • Regenerative treatments: Dr. Seifert offers advanced stem cell therapies, either BMAC (autologous stem cell therapy, or “Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate ®” created from your own bone marrow, an excellent source of stem cells that can help your elbow recover naturally.
  • Lipogems: This system harvests your own stem cells from adipose (fat) to create a concentrate to transfer to the damaged elbow area to trigger natural healing.
  • PRP or PDGF: Next-generation PRP or PDGF can be injected to stimulate your body’s natural healing capacity, restore damaged tissue, and reduce pain.
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